Many folks get into real estate and look at only one thing: Profit.


What is left to chance is the fact that you can actually lose money in this business if not done right.


This is exactly why I always recommend getting a basic education in real estate investing and begin by wholesaling or assigning contracts to more experienced in investing. You'll gain experience and start to realize what a good deal really looks like- instead of what you just read about in the guru books.


The Real Estate version of MSN had an article showing five mistakes we real estate investors- especially flippers get mixed up within.


We come into things without knowing what we're doing

We don't realize the time it actually takes to buy, fix, hold, and flip a property. And we run out of cash.


Remember, even with no money down deals- cash is still needed- if not your's someone else's.


Lack of skills in investing and the fix up business, as well as lack of patience - getting wrapped up in selling quickly or doing a deal before you're ready is another trap.


Save yourself a ton of heartache. I'm giving it to you for free. It's a Free power point presentation on how you should get involved in real estate. A basic roadmap so you get started right and you finish right.


to your success!



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