Special Announcement!
I'm gathering a bunch of my buddies this Thursday- March 11th to my training center in SE Houston. They're great real estate investors in the Houston- Texas area and here's what they want to do:

They want form a panel of real-world investors and have you throw all you real estate investing questions at them. Anything you want--- and check this: For FREE! Want to know what really works, and what does't in REI? Want to fill in the gaps of what you were studying from some REI Guru home study course? Wanna run a prospective deal by an experienced investor? Here you go.

Did I mention we're having cokes and Pizza too. I know I know just in time for bathing suit season.

Anyway, you're welcome to come and meet these guys and gals and me too.

Again, it's this Thursday March 11 at 6:30pm. at our training center. 6200 S Wayside Houston, Tx 77028. 713-481-2542 or 713-477-5950
See pics of our training area- use the tabs above.

See you there! Why wouldn't you go?



Thanks for dropping by!

I love helping people realize their dream of owning a home. 

Whether you're looking for one for yourself, or
are thinking of getting in on  some fantastic investments while the market is ripe for picking, I can help.

Let me put my 25 years of real estate brokering and investing to work for you, and together we'll make it happen :-)

Here are some great tools that have always worked for me:
-Some Free ways to find real estate at huge discounts
-Free Software to find out if you've got a good thing going or if you should run like crazy the other way
-A Free Real Estate Roadmap so you know step by step how to get from where you are to where you want to be
-Free live chats with me over the phone to help you make sense of it all

If that sounds good to you, fill in the box below and we'll take that journey together.

Thanks again!



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