The missing link to real estate wholesaling?

The Buyer.

When I first got started wholesaling properties, my biggest fear was how who to flip them out to.

Here's what you do:   1) Go to your local real estate investor's club and print up flyers that say that you are a wholesaler. Make it faxable so your investors can include name, phone # , email, area, price range etc.   You will get calls and faxes  
2) Many of your realtors that do HUD homes work with investors. Ask for names
3) Use Craigslist (FREE) to post your services as a real estate wholesaler
 4) Call on We Buy Houses signs and ads in your local area 
  This should get you a ton of prospective buyers.  

Now you have to qualify them.  

I'm doing a wholesale bootcamp in Houston this weekend.  

I go over this in more detail   Hope this helps!  


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