Ok. Now real estate reports and news are getting to be just like medical journal reports.

One day its bleak and gloomy, the next day it's full of sunshine.

While many reports show that we actually have a 3 year backlog of foreclosure inventory moving much faster than banks can sell their REOS, Epoch times seems to think that real estate is actually on the upswing.

According to Epoch, 'the northeast sector is beginning to stabilize and private capital for real estate investing is available, while there are diminishing distress properties'.

Now I'm not sure at all about the lack of distress properties. Even in Houston, Texas where prices have not dropped as dramatically as the rest of the country, we still see quite a bit of distressed properties and investors are continuing to find deals.

Either way. Run your numbers (you can get a free property analyzer here on the right) and make sure you have a profit as soon as you buy the property. Never wait on appreciation as this is speculation not investing.

So matter what the reports say, you are personally responsible for your fiscal health.


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