I need to tell the truth.

Real estate investing is not just a bed of roses. There can be some serous legal implications when you're dealing with people, houses, land, HOAs, and banks.

The Subject To method is one of them.

Basically, with subject to the buyer or real estate investor, gets the deed to the home, but does NOT assume the mortgage or refinance the home immediately.

People investing in real estate need to disclose all the stuff that can go wrong to the homeowners.

They need to know that they will no longer own the home, but they will own the debt.

Transalation: if the new buyer stops paying, the bank's going after the Them, not the new buyer since the previous homeowners are the only ones that signed the mortgage or deed of turst.

You need to give the homeowners a dose of reality- good and bad. And the disclosure needs to be in writing.

Do it for their benefit
do it for your conscience
Do it, cuz it's right.

Do it for ......... Dennis

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