An Article in the FDL reporter saddened me as forclosures are happening in that area in exponential form.

What's worse, is that some banks just don't get it and as the article showed  'won't even budge'.

I commented there that homeowners need information and representation to stop foreclosure and tax sales.

Many banks have options such as :

Forbearance agreements
Repayment plans
Even Temporary Stays where payments are not due for a time period while the homeowner tries to sell the home
Short Sales

Real Estate Investors also have a role in educating homeowners as well as at times providing the necessary cash or purchase needed to avoid foreclosure.

Real Estate Investors can also act in the capacity of private lender to forestall foreclosure and tax sale as well.

At times properties are not in prime condition and cannot be sold to the general buyer.

Investors with cash, construction financing, etc can also step in these situations as well.

Bottom line. Talk to a professional. Get some advice and get someone on your side.


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