Zip Realty- one of the world's largest online realty firms has just partnered up with eRealInvestor to provide web based analytics for real estate investors.

They are catering to the 'new breed' of buyer out there, realizing that more and more people are seeing the fantastic opportunities in the market right now and are looking for ways to invest quickly and efficiently.

Here are some of the features according to CNN money:

Details of the "Investors' Info" tab include the following:

-- The tab allows real estate buyers to compare homes and rental properties side-by-side and estimates monthly cash flow, as well as calculating the potential return on an investment. -- Easy-to-use sliders allow site users to adjust variable inputs, including down payments and interest rates, to develop the most effective investment strategy for any individual property. -- The tab enables investors to view and analyze potential "hidden costs," such as property management fees, and allows them to include monthly utility costs, vacancy rates, and other expenses in their analysis. 

Not bad at all.

What to do?

First sign up for our property analyzer software so you can effectively run the numbers on any of your potential deals.

Second: Get with Zip realty.

I have contacts with Zip. Email me with any questions, and we'll get the right people to talk with you directly.

Have fun



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