Looks like a lot of folks. And for good reason too!

The latest Homeownership Survey shows that foreclosure buyers and other investors are expecting to get 25% or better discounts and then having their property appreciate on top of that with an improvement in the housing market.

RealtyTrac.com reveals that lenders are anxious to unload tons of inventory of repossessed and foreclosed homes- offering them at very appealing prices.

With tax credits, and low interest rates, many investors hope to cash in on this current market.

Either way, you can't bank on appreciation alone. If the deal isn't good on its face (right now- in the present) .. then it isn't a deal.

You've got to know all your numbers going in. What are the repairs, holding costs, cost of investment. What is the after repair value- presently (not what you hope it to be).

My free property analyzer is available for the asking. Free when you ask nicely by using the contact form to the right :-)


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