I get this question often from newbies wanting to get started and feel that they need a mentor to take things to the next level.

I would start by going to the local real estate investors club. You can search here at creonline, and I also have a link on this site where you can search by state and city. Ask around. See who your local investors recommend.

Your mentor should not only be teaching but doing as well. He should being currently doing deals, and perhaps should be able to show you part of his portfolio of houses he controls/owns.

He/she should have a systematic way of moving you along your career that starts off with profitable- low risk strategies such as bird dogging and wholesaling and then gradually moving you from there.

Don't put too much money down up front. Take some basic classes- followed by a stand alone class such as wholesaling and start making money from there using some of your profits and experience to finance your further education.

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