I posted a comment on The Wall Street Journal Market watch edition: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/maybe-home-builders-could-learn-from-investors-2010-01-20?reflink=MW_news_stmp

It was in response to a set of articles showing how builders should have learne from investors in giving people what they need/want: A Good, solid home, in good neighborhoods without the extra fluffs like theater rooms etc.

While other builders were making huge mansions, the good builders should have started making smaller homes years ago.

Guess what? That's the mentality good real estate investors should always have.

Good investors will always make his/her focus on buying or building mid ranged typed homes, in good solid neighborhoods.

Mid ranged. Mid sized homes.

Think about it: When times are good, people live here. When times are bad people live there. You get people going up and down the socio-economic ladder.. AND... the majority of your cute little real estate investing techniques work best right there in the mid range.

So dont' get caught up in the hype.  Mid range in good neighborhoods should always be your bread n butter investment areas.


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