We're #6 we're #6!!

Number 6 in what? Well, normally we don't get too excited when we're
not number one in anything, but in real estate being #6 is not a bad deal at all.

Let me explain:
According to the real estate investment big boys Grubb and Ellis (based out of California)
Houston ranks # 6 in the country for "long term office, industrial, retail, and
multi-housing investment potential"- Austin Texas being number 1.

We'll take that any day right? Especially being 2 hours away from #1, we can get some of the left overs. Just like being a puppy in a buffet line seeing those jumbo shrimp and pork chops falling onto the floor- not a bad deal at all!

Officials also state that despite the hit that commercial real estate has taken, and will probably continue to take for a while, there will be a quick 20-30 percent sales volume increase in 2010.20-30 percent!! Hee hee! And that's in general.

Now, how about those of us living in the #6 and #1 cities? That increase should be on  the upper edge. Can you see the potential there? Can you really?

Well even if you're a single family investor, youcan still reap some huge benefits
from this. How? Glad you asked?
1)     Keep an eye out for potential commercial deals when farming your area. Any abandoned or mismanaged apartments, offices, stores? Run across any commercial property/land when farming delinquent tax owners etc?

Can you possibly sign these up and flip
them? Sure can? I've done it twice in my first 6 months as an investor

2)     Our good friend Jason's got a whole bootcamp for commercial real estate coming up in February 7, 2010 and then again in March. Give our office a call if you have questions 713-477-5950

3)     As an adjunct to your real estate lead generation- expand your search to see if the home owner has commercial interests.

Well there you have it! Expand your horizons, and your profits will come in droves as well.
That's all folks!
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