I wrote a while back regarding the article at http://austin.bizjournals.com/austin/stories/2010/01/04/daily7.html
Basically it shows Austin and Houston Texas as number 1 and #6 respectively in Commercial real Estate growth for 2010. This can be an awesome boon for even single family investors if you know what to do:

1) Commercial property, just like single family properties can be controlled via contract or option and flipped and assigned. This minimizes your risk to only what you pay for either earnest money and/or option consideration.

2) Commercial properties can also be bought on short sale as well.

Single family investors who locate owners can expand their search for commercial properties owned by these very same owners and can be first in line for some awesome deals.

Depending on how involved you want to get on the commercial side, you'll need some training and mentoring. However, understanding options and being able to 'control' properties can allow you to profit immensely right from the get go!

Have a profitable day!

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