I had the unfortunate circumstance of having to evict one of my tenants.

Yes, it does happen to even experienced real estate investors :-)
The good news is that this is my first one in 5 years! Not too shabby, but I hated it either way. It's just not my nature to do such things.

Anyway, while I was there a couple of things transpired that I thought was interesting and applied to real estate investing- especially to newbies.

Here's what happened: Many of the defendant/tenants didn't show up- including my tenants.

And this is what the Judge said: "Personal Service- they had every right and opportunity to be here but they CHOSE not to do so".

Hmm. They had the right and opportunity but didn't do anything.
They didn't even give themselves a fighting chance.

On the flip side I saw a little lady (with a little coaching from me hee hee hee) stand up to the attorney of a major bank who was evicting her out of her own home after what I felt was a wrongful foreclosure.
Guess what? She won! She bought herself a stay and a fighting chance.

So guys which ones are we?

Are we the ones who didn't even give real estate investing a chance. Perhaps just taking classes and never really even getting out there and making mistakes, making offers, and trying to get at least one small deal done?

Or are we like that little lady who with a little coaching, beat the odds by showing up and just DOING Something?

Remember, you don't have to hit a homerun every time. Give yourselves a fighting chance. Do something each day to bring you closer to that first deal.

You can do it.

I've seen it happen with my own eyes

Your friend,

The missing link to real estate wholesaling?

The Buyer.

When I first got started wholesaling properties, my biggest fear was how who to flip them out to.

Here's what you do:   1) Go to your local real estate investor's club and print up flyers that say that you are a wholesaler. Make it faxable so your investors can include name, phone # , email, area, price range etc.   You will get calls and faxes  
2) Many of your realtors that do HUD homes work with investors. Ask for names
3) Use Craigslist (FREE) to post your services as a real estate wholesaler
 4) Call on We Buy Houses signs and ads in your local area 
  This should get you a ton of prospective buyers.  

Now you have to qualify them.  

I'm doing a wholesale bootcamp in Houston this weekend. http://house-buy-coach-dennis.weebly.com  

I go over this in more detail   Hope this helps!  

Real Estate Investment Trusts have been widely touted in the past few years.

REITS are generally expected to yield a 10-15% return in 2010 and will benefit from new tax laws that tax Trusts but leave REITS out of it- according to the National Financial Post.

To the typical investor this sounds great- especially if you've gotten burned in the stock market.

But are you investing or really making money? You have to consider management fees and other things that eat away at your bottom line.

Let's go head to head with REits on a simple example- wholesaling:

A Real estate investor controls a property for a small amount of $50. He does no work on the property, and pays no management fees. He goes to his local real estate investor's club and 'assigns' the contract for $3,000 to a rehabber who feels he can make $20k on the deal when it's all said and done.

What's the return on this for the Real estate investor?

You see the difference.

Are you investing or making money?