There are certainly a ton of ways to invest in real estate.

Buying REOs or real estate owned properties is one of them. Me personally, I like dealing with good old fashioned home owners. I like dealing with regular folks, and many times being the only buyer there. That's where the really good deals can be made.

Anothe reason why I like dealing with homeowners is- I like getting a Warranty Deed when it's all said and done.

With REOs you will get a special warranty deed. Why? Because banks have taken these properties from folks behind on their bills and probably owe other people too. So guess what? They're still stuck on the property which is why you get title insurance AND.. you try and get the lowest price you can for them.

Keep in mind that you should always have a formula for what you are offering. Don't offer 'just because' or so you won't get outbid.

Don't forget- just for filling out the contact form, you get a free property analyzer software.

So REO's are great but I like working with regular folks.