I know what you're thinking: Shyaaahhh!

But it seems like the Texas Counties of Harris and Galveston County are giving the Federal Government the Heisman.

See my comments here:

Around $200Million Dollars of Federal Money for Ike Relief are sitting on the sidelines and Harris County and the City of Houston may lose it.

Why? Folks living in the area are not applying for it.

Homeowners can use the home to fix up their properties, bring up their properties in order to sell them quickly making them more appealing to buyers and investors.

There are benefits to investors as well, who may wish to purchase these properties when homeowners are unwilling to make the repairs themselves.

There are several creative scenarios where everyone can benefit from the federal Ike Relief program- one of them taking a property subject to the existing mortgage and repairs and applying for the relief money as the new owner.

The problem? Folks don't know what's available to them, how to apply for this aid and their options.

Bad news is, unless something changes soon- the Federal Government could pull the plug on it and residents and real estate investors will be left holding the bag.

Now aren't you glad you read this article?
Here are the links to the Government Ike Assistance Programs.

Read up and Profit
Read up and help your fellow man!


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11/29/2010 02:28:21 pm

It also means local people have more buying power which creates the perfect environment for house prices to rise in value and an investor's real estate assets to appreciate.

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