Technically speaking all contracts are assignable unless
expressly written that it isn't.
See my comments here:,45501.0.html

The only problem you may run into is if you close with a Title company.

'You see, they're going to want to know that the Seller is ok with the assignment.
So here's what you do:

You have a motivated seller right? Of course you do..
If he is then he would have no problem signing an agreement to assign.

You can get this from any title company. (Especially the one you're thinking of using or the person you're going to be assigning it to will be using)

Simply include this form along with the contract and it all basically becomes part of the document. I'ts easier getting folks to sign everything all at once while they're in a signing mood.

Properties can also be 'transferred' via LLCs and Land Trusts.
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